Red Chilli Pickle


Weight: 200gm

The stuffed spices in the red chilies give a delicious taste and have the pwer to make even the most boring food tasty

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Deerghayu Red Chili achaar is made without adding preservatives to retain the original and natural flavour of chilies.

Benefits of pickles

  • Pickles that are seasoned with salt, help in the growth of probiotic bacteria in your gut, therefore consuming pickles with food aid in better digestion.
  • Since pickles are made by preserving raw fruits or vegetables, the anti-oxidant properties of these ingredients are also preserved in the marinade. Anti-oxidants help in fighting against the free radicals that can cause various ailments.
  • Studies show pickles boost our central nervous system and our mental health in general.
  • It is also a great way to give your children the nutrition they require from fruits and vegetables that they may not eat otherwise.
  • The fibre content of the fruits and vegetables are also retained if they are pickled. Due to the use of acetic acid in preparing pickles, your hemoglobin level is boosted. But it holds true for pickles that have low salt content.
  • Pickles improve immunity in children and prevent them from common cold and flu.


The tradition of pickle making goes back thousands of years. The word “pickle” is derived from the Dutch word derived from “pekel” which means saline.  According to some historians, the origin of pickles is in ancient Persia where meat, fruits or pickles were preserved in salt, vinegar, honey or syrup.

Pickles hold a special place in the hearts of Indians. It is a quintessential Indian mother’s go-to alternative to vegetable or curry. It is an Indian bachelor’s everyday flavour to go with dal rice and curd. And it is the best companion of khichdi and paratha.

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Weight 200 g


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