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Horticulture is the new buzzword in Uttrakhand. It is fast developing as a new horticulture hub. Demands for organic food products have gained momentum over the years. We at Deerghayu too have made great progress in the area.

We are the only certified organic apple orchard in Uttrakhand. Located at a height of 6000 feet at Billekh, a quaint village in the Himalayan town of Ranikhet in Almora district.
Ranikhet or ‘the queen of fields’ has always been greatly admired for its orchards and ’The Kumaon Regiment’ one of India’s most decorated infantry regiments.

Our Orchard has over 2500 popular apple trees viz. Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Red Chief, Super Chief, Scarlet, and Mitch Gala. Over 1000 trees are from the imported rootstock and the remaining have been developed from seedlings from Himachal Pradesh.

Our orchards are pampered by the clean healthy Himalayan air and crystal-clear spring water.  The bulk of their nourishment is from organic farmyard manure like compost cow dung, vermicompost and natural seaweed extract ‘Sagrika’ a product of IFFCO. Pests are kept in check by using only 100% naturally grown organic pest control items like jeevamrit, neem oil, and Cow urine.

Each apple that reaches you, is handpicked, inspected, and then carefully packed in cardboard boxes. These boxes are then shipped to our transport facility and delivered farm-fresh at your doorstep.

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