A2 Desi Cow Ghee


  • Made by the traditional Vedic Bilona Method
  • Unadulterated anti-oxidants
  • Rich in vitamin A
  • Contains superior quality protein
  • Has a variety of micronutrients that help in building immunity
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Desi Cow Ghee from time immemorial has been the pride of an Indian kitchen. Traditional dairies swear by the aroma and texture and color of their Ghee. Cattle breed or stock, feed, location of the dairy, and the production process plays a vital role in determining the quality of ghee.

Deerghayu A2 Desi Cow Ghee is made from the rich thick creamy milk of desi cows reared and bred at Kotabagh situated in the foothills of the famous lake district of Uttrakhand- Nainital. Ghee is prepared by slowly heating the butter got by the traditional Vedic process of belona.

Consuming desi cow ghee has a tremendous positive impact on the memory, wisdom, and intellect of the consumer. Some unfounded myths and concerns regarding the consumption of ghee have percolated down certain segments of society. These are totally baseless and inaccurate. On the contrary desi cow ghee prepared by the Vedic belona process and not from cream, has medicinal properties and is highly beneficial to our body.  It boosts our immune system and protects us from a variety of ailments.

Some of the highlights of desi cow ghee are-

  1. It contains saturated fat which means a high melting point.
  2. It helps in digestion.
  3. It balances vatta, pitta and kapha in body.
  4. It is loaded with antioxidants.
  5. It relieves constipation:
  6. It heals and nourishes the body.
  7. It boosts immunity in children.
  8. It is non-allergic.

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