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About Our Story

Deerghayu Himalayan Organics Private Limited believes in offering the best that is available from its fields in Uttarakhand.
We take utmost care to ensure that all our produce is hundred percent organic and plays a vital role in making your kitchen healthy and free of harmful chemicals.

Deerghayu also ensures that the natural taste of the products, their richness and freshness of the Himalayas is carefully preserved and locked. Deerghayu also produces a wide range of organic milk products made from the milk of renowned desi cows like Sahiwal, Rathi and Gir raised on organic feed at our dairy located in the foothills of Himalayas.

Deerghayu Himalayan Organics Private Limited offers you a wide range of organic products that include fresh organic fruits and vegetables and dried fruits. They also spice up your table with a range of whole and powdered spices & herbs and pickles that are picked, bottled and packed right there in the mesmerising heights of Uttarakhand.


Ensuring good health by high quality organic products. Redefining India’s rural development through organic farming. To be an innovative and reliable firm in providing high-quality local fresh natural and authentic organic products for healthy living. We provide hundred percent original product with minimal processing.


Organic farming practices is known to reduce pollution, improve soil health, cleanse and improve the health of the air, conserve water, reduce soil erosion, increase soil fertility, and use much less energy. This also promises positive and healthy growth of the flora and fauna in the vicinity of the organic farms.

Organically grown food minimizes health risks of consumers especially children by nullifying their exposure to toxic and persistent chemicals present in chemical fertilisers and pesticides which find their way into the farm produce.


Our Start Who We Are

Deerghayu Himalayan Organic Farms are located at Ranikhet in District Almora and at Devidhura & Kotabagh in District Nainital in the beautiful serene Himalayan state of Uttarakhand.

We offer you the best of what is cultivated in our fields along with the purity and freshness of the Himalayan air and water. We take utmost care to ensure that all our produce is hundred percent organic and plays a critical role in making your kitchen healthy and chemical free.

Deerghayu Himalayan Organic Farm offers you a wide range of organic products which include fresh organic vegetables & fruits, dry fruits, whole and powdered spices, Himalayan lentils and herbs along with a range of pickles to spice up your palate.

Difference Between Organic and Non Organic

All Non-organic fruits & vegetables are those that have been exposed to chemical pesticides and chemical fertilizers to boost yield. Traces of the chemicals from these fertilizers and pesticides are found in all the agriculture produce, fruits and vegetables consumed by us. It is well established that these chemicals are responsible for many dangerous diseases in human beings like cancer.

Unutilized chemical fertilizers either seep into the ground with water and contaminate the groundwater (aquifers) and those on the surface evaporate into the air and pollute it.

Our Products About Our Packaging

We desist use of packing our product in plastic containers as harmful chemicals from such packings may find their way into the products, instead all our products are packed in glass jars and glass bottles with airtight sealed metal tops.

We are also exploring using ceramic and earthen packaging materials as environment friendly options in near future.

Purpose Our Idea

Organically grown agricultural produce is not exposed to any of these harmful chemicals, toxic synthetic pesticides, or herbicides or chemical NPK fertilizers. Organic practices include using farmyard manure (FYM), Compost, Vermicompost etc. Neem and Cow urine (Go Mutra etc are effectively used as a pesticide. Tradition farming practices such as crop rotation, intercropping, integrated farming etc are used to boost soil health.

I love all their products. It's organic and chemical-free which is exactly what I was looking for. Will buy it again definitely!
Rihima Rajput

100% Organic Product

Every spices powder, every bushel of apples, every beet bunch in our produce department is 100% organic.

We Deal With Various Quality Organic Products!

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